SprinterBus Rewards Program

* For reservations that were booked for a date prior to November 1st, 2012, please scroll down to the bottom section of this page.

Welcome to the SprinterBus Rewards program. 
Joining the Rewards program, earning points and redeeming free trips is free and easy. Here is how it works:

1. Register as a member.
If you have not yet enrolled, simply go to the Registration page and complete the online form. There is no initial charge or annual fee involved in registering as a member.

2. Start earning points
You will earn 1 point for every US dollar paid when booking a reservation on any schedule. The points will automatically be credited to your membership account after the reservation has been completed.

3. Redeeming rewards
When you have enough points to claim your free trip, simply log in to your account and follow the steps to book a new reservation. At checkout, under "Discount Options", select the option to "Member Points", chose how many seats you would like to pay with points and click on the "Buy a Ticket" button to finalize the reservation.

Rewards will be earned and redeemed based on the following formula:
Every 9 points you've earned will be calculated as $1.
You will need to have enough points to cover the full price of at list 1 seat in your new reservation, partial payments for a single seat is not possible. However, you will be able to use points for 1 or more seats of your order, even if you don't have enough points for the full order. The amount for the remaining  seats will be charged from a credit card.

Rewards program facts:

  • No blackout dates.
  • No initial or annual fees.
  • Your points never expire.
  • Points are earned and can be redeemed on any schedule.

Note: The rewards will only be issued to your account if you are a SprinterBus member and logged in to your account when booking the reservation.

* * *

Redeeming old paper tickets: (for reservations that have been booked prior to October 22, 2012)

We will still honor old e-tickets that have been issued prior to our online rewards system. They can be redeemed by mail. Please include your MEMBER NUMBER, FULL NAME & E-MAIL ADDRESS; we will look up your information and credit the points to the account. Each paper e-ticket will translate into 30 points.

Mailing address for promotion coupons: 
Attn: Coupons
5461 Wesleyan Dr
Virgina Beach , VA 23455

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Please Note:

Only reservations that have been booked in advance on the SprinterBus website (www.sprinterbus.net) or by a SprinterBus call center representative, will earn rewards. Rewards will not be issued for seats that have been reserved through independent vendors or when purchasing a ticket at the bus.

You will not earn points for tickets that have been booked through a pre-negotiated price, coupon, group rate, Groupon, or discount code.