I booked a reservation; is my seat guaranteed?
All seats that have been booked in advance either online or by phone are guaranteed as long as the passenger shows up on time at the bus.
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How early should I show up at the bus stop?

We recommend passengers arrive at the NYC stop at least 30 minutes prior to the schedule and 45 minutes at all our Hampton Roads stops. We reserve the right to release the seat should the passenger not arrive 5 minutes prior to departure.

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Do you assign seats on the bus?
All passengers must check in with our staff upon arrival at our stops, once you check in a boarding pass will be issue on a first-come first-serve basis, please remember that we saved our lower numbers for passengers with special needs when ready for boarding we will call your number at this time you may enter our buses and choose your seating however the seats located in the front row directly behind and across from the driver are designated as priority seating to accommodate passengers with disabilities or special needs.

If those seats are occupied, a staff member may ask the seated customer to move to a different seat to make place for a person with special needs . But, if that customer refuses, he/she cannot be forced to move.
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What is the duration of the trip?
Estimated duration of trip between New York City and the following stops:
Virginia Beach / Norfolk VA - 6.5 Hours
Newport News / Hampton VA - 7 Hours

Estimated duration of trip between Dover downs and the following stops:
NYC - 3.5 Hours
Virginia Beach - 3.5 Hours

We are not liable for delays caused by accidents, breakdowns, road, weather, or other conditions beyond our control and do not guarantee to arrive at or depart from any point at a specific time. A delay of any kind does not constitute grounds for a refund or credits.
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What is your luggage policy?
1. We allow a maximum of one bag weighing not more than 50 lbs and one carry-on. Your carry-on must fit overhead bins or under your seat that weight no more than 15 lbs. No wheeled luggage is permitted inside our buses. SprinterBus.Net does not provide checked baggage service and assumes no responsibility of any kind for customer baggage. Extra luggage will be charge at $30.00 per extra piece up to 15 Lbs, $50.00 extra piece weighing up to 50 Lbs, All extra luggage must go inside the cargo compartment of the bus , No Exception.
2. Passenger is responsible for placing luggage into the Baggage hold and for retrieving it upon arrival at your destination. However, if you feel you need assistance with your luggage, a employee will assist you.
3. We do not allow the transport of weapons of any kind or any material that would be classified by the DOT as hazardous material. (which include, but not limited to acids, ammunition, animals, combustible liquids, compressed gases, corpses, cremated remains, explosives, firearms of all types, fireworks , flammable liquids, furniture, hazardous materials to include poisons, radioactive materials etc.).
4. No pets are allowed on the bus, nor transported as baggage in the luggage hold.
We recommend that you properly tag your bags and place your contact information on the inside. Luggage left at the bus will be handed over to the SprinterBus Lost & Found department.
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Can pets be brought on the bus?
No dogs, cats or any other animal will be permitted on our bus.
However, properly documented service animals, trained for the purpose of accompanying a disabled person, will be allowed on the bus. The service animal must be under the control of its owner at all times. Service animals must ride within the customer’s space, and may not ride in the aisle or occupy another seat.

SprinterBus reserves the right to refuse any animal that poses a threat to other passengers. 

For more details please see  service animal section on our policy.
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What your policy towards cell phone use on the bus?
Generally, we do not restrict passengers using the cell phone on the bus, however we recommend that all phone conversations be of short duration and spoken in a low tone of voice in consideration of the other passengers. Passengers sitting in the front 4 rows are not permitted to use their cell phones for the entire trip as the conversation can distract the driver from focusing on the road.
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Are your buses equipped with reading lights?
We provide reading lights on all buses. Please note that the driver may restrict the use of reading lights in the front rows, especially on after dark trips.
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Is smoking or alcoholic beverages allowed on the bus? What’s your policy towards food and snacks?
We will not allow smoking or consuming alcoholic beverages on our buses and it will be strictly enforced in order to protect the safety of our passengers and drivers.
SprinterBus reserves the right to refuse any passenger under influence of alcohol or whose conduct is such or likely to be such as to make him or her objectionable to other passengers.
Food and snacks are allowed as long as it is not objectionable to the other passengers and the bus is kept clean. All trash should be put in the trash bags provided. 
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Do the buses have Bathrooms?
Yes, all SprinterBus buses are equipped with a full functioning bathroom however remember that these are holding tanks and anything drop inside will stay there until the end of your trip we ask that if you may have an emergency during your trip to simply bring it to the attention of our driver and we will gladly make a stop at a rest area.
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Are wifi, free water, receptacle outlets and van services complimentary?

SprinterBus offers complimentary services on the bus (I.E. Free water, Wi-Fi, Receptacle outlets and Shuttle van services), however those are not mandatory and a bus without them are not grounds for re-imbursement or compensations of any kind, from time to time we will use vehicles that will not have those amenities available.

From time to time Shuttle Vans services may not be available due to inclement weather conditions, road conditions, closed bridges, storms, etc. or issues out of our control SprinterBus management will make every possible effort to reach and notify customers via email, mobile app, and or phone calls.

Travelers with reserved seats  are responsible for reading their emails, mobile apps and or phone calls for such notices prior to their schedule trip a No-Show courtesy Shuttle Van service are not grounds for Re-Imbursement or compensation of any kind.

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Can I place a wheelchair, walker or bicycle under the bus?
Yes, but we cannot be held responsible for any damages to the property stored below.
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Can I send luggage or a package for someone to pick up at the destination?
Yes, all luggage must be open for inspection prior to placing it on our buses you must provide proper ID and fill out a shipping manifest indicating receiving person name and address once we arrive there must be a receiving person waiting on luggage as we will not wait. 


All luggage left on the bus will placed with our lost and found. We are not responsible for luggage damage lost stolen or left on the bus. There is a charge of $30.00 per piece not exceeding 15 lbs, $50.00 per piece not exceeding 50 lbs, all luggage not pick up will be charge a storage fee of $5.00 per day per piece. 
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Do you show movies on the bus?
By popular request from our passengers, we do not show movies. (Back to top)

Does the bus stop at a rest area?
There may be a rest stop for 15 minutes along the route and at the bus driver's discretion, it is a traveler’s responsibility to return to the bus at the driver’s discretionary rest stop given departure time. SprinterBus is not responsible in any manner for any traveler who is left at a rest stop.
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What is the fare for children?
We have a flat fare for all passengers DOT requires that all children must be placed on a child restrain seat.
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If I am traveling with a baby, am I required to bring a baby/booster seat?
Yes it is our policy that you bring in accordance with DOT a baby/booster seat, you will need to purchase an extra ticket for that seat. It is the passenger’s responsibility to assure that the booster seat meets the government recommended quality standards.
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Can a young child travel alone?
No unaccompanied minors are permitted aboard our buses, you must be 18 years of age by time of travel or a minor's waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian *(call us to Obtain a waiver 757-456-5555 | 1-757-932-7670)* all traveling unaccompanied minors need to be escorted to the bus and met upon arrival, by a parent or other responsible adult.

¡No Exceptions! There is a $15.00 fee for every single unaccompanied minor that must be paid in order for such minor to travel. This fee can be paid by calling 757-456-5555
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Where does SprinterBus travel?
SprinterBus provides daily bus services between New York City, Hampton Roads and Dover Downs.
For full stops locations and for additional information, please read below or access the Stops details page in our website.

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Where exactly are the SprinterBus stops located?
New York City – 201 West 37th St. New York, NY 10001.
North-East Corner of 7th Ave. and 37rd St. (ON West 37th St.) adjacent to Fed Ex.
Dover Downs - 1131 N Dupont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901
In Hamptons Roads
Virginia Beach, VA. – Wesleyan Commons Shopping center next to Food Lyons. 5461 Wesleyan Dr, Virginia Beach, Va 23455.
Lynnhaven Mall, -- 701 Lynnhaven Pkwy, Virginia Beach, VA 23452, In front of the bus stop next to JC Penney.
Norfolk, VA – Best Square shopping center, Elegante Dominican Beauty Salon. Between military HYW and Briar Hill road. 410 Briar Hill road, suite 101, Norfolk, VA 23502.  
Hampton, VA - 210 W Mercury blvd, Hampton, VA 23669. Pickup will be done at the corner of the entrance to the parking lot, next to the freeway.
Newport News, VA - Jefferson Commons shopping center, KOHL’S parking lot. Pick up will be none in the far end of the parking lot. 551 Bland Blvd, Newport News, VA 23602.
For additional details on our locations, please access the Stops page on our website. 
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Are your stops close to any Metro or Subway stations?

Yes, our pickup/drop off stops are located next to metro or rail stations.

Closest Metro Station
New York City
Penn Station:
1, 2, 3, A, C, E Subway trains. NJ Transit, Long Island Railroad (LIRR) and Amtrak.
Virginia Beach

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How can I reserve a seat?
Reserving online: You may reserve your seat online here.
The booking system also gives you the flexibility to change a ticket to a different schedule, place a reservation on hold and track your trip history.
Reserving by phone: You may also book a reservation by calling our customer service department at 1-757-456-5555 however on line is always your best way to reserve.
Walk-In tickets: Forfeited reservations will become walk in, open seats and will be made available only after all pre-reserved passengers have boarded, and will be sold on a first-come first-serve basis walk in passengers must pay in cash and must have correct amount of fare at time of boarding.
Walk in tickets can be credited towards SprinterBus Rewards points program by presenting the paper boarding ticket issued at time of purchase by the dispatcher the paper boarding ticket must have your full name and the on duty dispatchers’ signature in order to be validated.
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Can I modify or cancel a reservation?
Tickets are non-refundable. However, up to midnight of the day prior to travel, you can reschedule or put your ticket On-Hold, online only, without incurring any fees.
If your travel plans have changed and you are not sure when you are going to travel in the future, you may place the ticket "on hold" for up to one year and can only be placed on hold once,
Reschedules are good for up to one year from reschedule date and can only be reschedule once.
SprinterBus allows you to modify your reservation at no additional fee. Just go to the Reschedule page and follow the steps thereafter.
The on-hold ticket can be reactivated whenever you plan to travel again in the future

Note: If you wish to modify a round trip, please be sure to edit both legs of trip. 
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I missed the bus; can I hop on any later schedule?
Reservations are valid for the day and the time faced on the ticket without incurring any fees,  if you missed the bus you can travel on any schedule for the same original route and by the person whose name appears on the ticket up to 24 hours after your original bus by paying the rescheduling fee of $15.00 and or any service fee that may apply. This ticket cannot be placed on hold. You must call our customer service department 757 456 5555 to reschedule your next bus, your reservation will depend on space availability.
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How can I book a group reservation and do you offer any group discounts?

All group reservations need to be requested in advance by clicking here. The fare will be discussed upon receipt of the request and cannot be combined with any other discounts, nor will the reservation earn SprinterBus points.

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Does SprinterBus provide a wheelchair lift for disabled passengers?
We will make every effort to provide a motor coach equipped with a wheelchair lift upon request. All requests must be sent at least 96 hours before the date of travel. This advance notice is in accordance with Federal Guidelines and allows for the necessary arrangements to be made.

Passengers in need to consume medication should keep the medicine on the bus. Please do not storage the medication in the under / bin compartment.

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Do you permit “Service Animals” on your buses?
Properly documented service animals are allowed on the bus for assisting disabled travelers. Service animals must ride within the customer’s space, and may not ride in the aisle or occupy another seat.

Service animals must be under the control of the passenger at all times and may not travel on the bus isles.  SprinterBus reserves the right to refuse any animal that poses a threat to other passengers.

For more information visit:
Emotional support animals are not ADA Service animals a medical note does not make an emotional support animal an ADA animal.
Emotional support animals ARE allowed on the bus A) Must be in a cannel at all times. B) may not travel on a seat. C) Must travel under the  front seat at all times. D)  Must pay a full fare . E) Will be removed from bus if it becomes a nuisance or a threat to any passenger. 
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What are SprinterBus Rewards and how do I earn them?
The SprinterBus Reward program is similar to frequent-flier programs offered by many airlines.
In order to earn rewards, simply log in to the SprinterBus website using your SprinterBus member account - prior to booking the reservation.
The points will always correspondent to the amount paid for the seat and it will automatically be credited to the SprinterBus membership account once the reservation has been completed. The accumulated rewards can be redeemed for free seats on any of the SprinterBus schedules.  (Back to top)

How many points are required to book a free trip?

You will gain 1 point per each dollar spent. In order to get a free ticket, you will need 11 points per dollar of the ticket price.

For example, if the ticket price is $55, you will need 605 points for a free ticket.

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How do I redeem SprinterBus Rewards?
Please log in to our website using your SprinterBus member account when you want to make a reservation. If you have accumulated enough points for a free ticket, select the option to “Pay With Points” at checkout. (Back to top)

How come many of my past trips are not showing up in my account?
In order for trips (and corresponding rewards) to be reflected in your account, you’ll have to log in to the account prior to booking the reservation. Existing trips can always be attached to your account by clicking on “Attach an Old Reservation To My Account”. (Back to top)

How do I redeem my SprinterBus Rewards points when paying by cash?
1) You must be a SprinterBus member
2) Paper boarding ticket must have your full name and dispatchers’ signature
3) Paper Boarding ticket must be presented in person at our Va Beach office by the person whose name appears on it no exceptions or Paper boarding ticket can be scan on both sides and email to
4) After validating paper boarding ticket, you will receive your SprinterBus rewards points
Only authentic, verified paper tickets meeting the dispatcher’s signature/date stamp will receive the allowed rewards points for that purchase.
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Where can I direct a complaint?
You may reach us through the Contact Us page, or by sending an email to (Back to top)

Whom should I contact to locate an items that has been lost on the bus?
SprinterBus is not responsible for damage to luggage or any lost, stolen or left on the bus articles or personal property; passengers are wholly responsible for any and all items they carry. However if luggage is lost or left on the bus, contact our lost and found department by email, describing the luggage and/or other property and provide a working telephone number. Click here!  Lost & Found form once email is received and acknowledged we will only contact you if luggage is found . Any and all found luggage will be returned to the rightful owner.

For other inquiries, please use the general Contact Us form.

Steps to follow when making a claim about lost item

1) Rightful owner must identify by producing a (Attn: Federal, State, Local or Foreign?) Government Issue ID.
2) No luggage will be issued to family members / friends unless indicated through a written and notarized “Power of Attorney” that is to be physically received in our Virginia Beach office.
3) Once notified you have 48 hours to claim your luggage
4) After the 48 Hour period passes there will be a $5.00 storage fee per every 24 hours thereafter.
5) Luggage not claimed and or pick up after 20 days of notification will be dispose of at SprinterBus discretion
6) The storage fee is to be paid before pick up.
7) To make payment arrangements call us at 757-456-5555.

SprinterBus does not guarantee that any or all of luggage or items claimed will be found and returned. (Attn: SprinterBus will extend every effort and courtesy whenever possible and to assist inasmuch as may be possibly needed.)

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For additional issues that haven’t been discussed in the FAQs, please visit the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy or Legal Notice pages. You may contact our office via the Contact Us page, or the customers service department at 1-757-456-5555.